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Tutehill K9 Hydrotherapy

Professional Canine Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation

Tutehill K9 Hydrotherapy are a professional Canine Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre based in Workington, Cumbria and offer a variety of hydrotherapy treatment programmes, aimed at dog rehabilitation, weight management and fitness.

We would like the dogs in our area to have the opportunity to participate in something new, to help with rehabilitation when injured or with age related degeneration, as well as mental wellbeing, fitness and improving quality of life. Our aim is to offer your dog an individual hydrotherapy treatment programme specific to their needs.

We use Clinical Enrichment and Therapeutic Handling techniques to build up a close bond with your dog to achieve the best possible improvement. Therapeutic Handling and Movement Techniques together with Clinical Enrichment will help your dog stay calm and focused. It will provide your dog with confidence to actively participate in positive treatment sessions. Clinical Enrichment and Therapeutic Handling techniques are proprioceptive enrichment for your dog.

Whatever the problem, or whatever the age, together we will achieve improvements that will change your dog’s quality of life.

Our Facilities

  • Hydrotherapy Pool – Operate a 5 metre by 2 metre purpose made above ground pool with 4 adjustable round counter-current jets and a full length ramp for easy access.

  • Heated Pool – The pool is heated to an optimal 29-32 degrees Celsius, which is the optimum temperature range to encourage blood flow to your dog’s muscles.

  • Anti-Swim Jets – The pool is fitted with anti-swim jets which if required create a resistance for the dogs to swim against.

  • Hygienic – The water is chemically treated and filtered to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. The water is tested at least 3 times a day to ensure the constant correct chemical and pH balance.

  • Shower Facilities – Warm shower facilities for pre and post session showering of your dog. With the dogs being dried using therapeutic showering techniques.

  • Animal Safety – All dogs are fitted with harnesses, leads and collars prior to commencing a swim and Sharon the Hydrotherapist will be in the pool with your dog at all times. We do not use any flotation devices.

  • Therapy Room – A fully equipped therapy room used for your dog’s initial assessment.

Trained Hydrotherapist

Sharon Rogers is fully trained and certified in Canine Hydrotherapy:

QualificationsEmployers LiabilityPublic Liability

How it all began

Find out more on the history of the business and how it all began:

Trained Hydrotherapist

Sharon Rogers is fully trained and certified in Canine Hydrotherapy:

How it all began

Find out more on the history of the business and how it all began:

Sharon Rogers is also a member of the Institute of Canine Hydrotherapists (ICH), which is a sub group of The institute of Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP).

The ICH represents qualified professionals promoting excellence in the evolving practice of therapeutic canine hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is currently a non-regulated industry and the ICH sets the standards for professionalism and clinical proficiency in therapeutic canine hydrotherapy. All members are qualified professionals who annually pledge their commitment to the IRVAP Code of Practice.


Canine Hydrotherapy Services

What is Canine Hydrotherapy?

Canine hydrotherapy is a form of hydrotherapy directed at the treatment of chronic conditions, post-operative recovery, and pre-operative or general fitness in dogs.

As an alternative or complement to weight-bearing exercise and medication, canine hydrotherapy may speed recovery after operations or slow the progression of degenerative conditions. It may be used as a pre-operative fitness regime to allow a dog to maintain condition before an operation if it cannot exercise normally.

Obese dogs can build fitness and lose weight as a result of exercise in a hydrotherapy pool without putting excessive weight on their joints. Hydrotherapy may be used as part of a general fitness routine for dogs.

Canine Hydrotherapy treatment is administered by a qualified therapist using evidence based practise and clinical reasoning in a warm, safe, and sanitized aquatic environment. Treatments include controlled Therapeutic exercise utilising the properties of water to address movement dysfunction.

At Tutehill K9 Hydrotherapy we offer a variety of hydrotherapy treatment programmes at our Workington based centre, aimed at dog rehabilitation, weight management and fitness.

Your dog's hydrotherapy session explained

All our hydrotherapy treatment programmes are tailored to each individual dog and their needs. The initial session is 60 mins long, and each follow up session being 45 minutes long, with all session times dependent on the capability of each dog taking into account any injuries, conditions, stamina, fitness and age.

Prior to Arrival

All dogs treated by Tutehill K9 Hydrotherapy require a signed Vet Referral Form by your Veterinary Surgeon prior to treatment. We liaise with your Veterinary Surgeon to make sure we have up to date information and your dog’s medical history, and that your dog is fit and well so we can provide the best treatment possible.

We ask you to please not feed your dog for at least 3 hours prior to Hydrotherapy Treatment.

If however your dog has a medical condition that requires medicine to be administered with food then please let us know and we will try to arrange a suitable appointment time around feeding times.

We ask that you please try to keep your dog in a clean condition prior to coming for your Hydrotherapy Treatment. (Weather permitting)

All dogs that enter and exit the clinic MUST be kept on leads and under control at all times.

All dogs MUST have been Toileted prior to being allowed in the pool.

We cannot accept dogs that are in season or have open wounds or stitches.

During Hydrotherapy treatment in the pool we will use our collars, leads and harnesses.

We DO NOT use any Flotation Devices throughout the Hydrotherapy Sessions.

On Arrival

Could you please leave your dog in your car and inform the Therapist that you have arrived. (Obviously this does not apply on hot days, in which case bring your dog with you)

We require you to please provide a couple of your own Towels to use in our Therapy room for your dog to lie on.

We require you to also bring a Towel Coat for your dog to wear on the journey home, especially in the cold months.

For Health and Safety reasons Tutehill K9 Hydrotherapy requires that you wear clean, sensible shoes especially in the Pool Room where water on the floor is inevitable.

Sharon the Hydrotherapist will be in the pool at all times with your dog. She would however like you, The Client to stay in the treatment rooms with your dog throughout the Hydrotherapy session and participate in your dog’s treatment plan.

Your Session

We use Therapeutic Handling techniques and Clinical Enrichment to fit your dogs with our collars, harnesses and leads.

(Please note; we do not use any Flotation Devices)

We then shower your dog using Therapeutic showering techniques prior to entering the pool.

Once in the pool we have platforms to help your dog achieve its Natural Balance Stand.

Sharon our Hydrotherapist will be in the pool at all times with your dog throughout his/her treatment. She will continue to use her Therapeutic skills to carry out your specific treatment plan tailored to suit the individual needs of your dog.

Treatment sessions in the pool usually last up to 20 minutes.

Once your dog has exited the pool we will continue to use our Therapeutic handling, movement, showering and drying techniques to shower and dry your dog.

Your dog will be then fitted back into his/her own collars, harness and lead.

We ask that you provide a couple of towels for your dog to lie on in our Therapy Room and provide a towel coat for your dog to travel home in, especially in the cold months.

After Treatment

We will advise you on after care for the rest of the day prior to leaving us.

We advise that you do not feed your dog for at least one hour after treatment.

We would ask you to inform us if the injury or condition of your dog deteriorates or if your Veterinary Surgeon requires you to withhold treatment or exercise.

You can make further bookings after your session has finished.

Please be mindful of other dogs on the premises as you leave.

Tutehill K9 Hydrotherapy

Conditions Treated

  • Obesity

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Arthritis

  • Luxating Patella

  • Pre and Post-Operative Conditioning

  • Elbow and Hip Dysplasia

  • Weight loss & Conditioning

  • Muscle Strains and Ruptures

  • Spinal-Disc injuries

  • Age Related Degeneration (DM)

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

  • Increased Range of Joint Motion

  • Relaxation of Muscle Tension and or Spasm

  • Increased Muscle Strength and Muscle Tone

  • Reduce Swelling and Inflammation

  • Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Improved Quality of Life

  • Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy Session Prices

Initial Assessment

60 Minutes – £35.00 inc VAT

Single Session

45 Minutes – £40.00 inc VAT

Session Packages

5 Sessions – £190.00 inc VAT

10 Sessions – £350.00 inc VAT

(Payable in full)

15 Sessions – £495.00 inc VAT

20 Sessions – £595.00 inc VAT

(Can be paid in two installments)

We try our best to work within the session time, however if your dog needs a little bit more time we will provide this at no extra cost.

We do our utmost to offer you the best service.

Appointment Times

We carryout our appointment times on the hour.

We can arrange appointments through the day time, evenings (last appointment is 8 pm) and weekends to suit your needs.


All Payments are to be made either in advance of your session or on the day.

You can pay by Debit/Credit Card or Cash. Payments will be made via our Main Reception building used for the Kennels & Cattery.

Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy requires 48 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment

Cancelled appointments outside of these hours will still incur the full payment.

If your dog has an illness or contagious disease we will require you to reschedule your appointment. Cancellation policy still applies.

Session Booking

Booking your dog's sessions at Tutehill K9 Hydrotherapy

We ask all clients joining us to provide a referral form from your vet.

This allows us to be fully aware of your dog’s medical health at your first initial assessment. Our qualified Canine Hydrotherapist will then be able to tailor a specific programme to meet your dog’s needs.

Please download and print off our veterinary referral form and get your vet to sign it. You or your vet can then post or scan and e-mail it to us, after which we may speak with your vet if required and then contact you to arrange an appointment for your first session.

Contact Us

General Enquiry / Help & Advise

If you’re looking for Canine Hydrotherapy services within West Cumbria and would like to make a general enquiry or would like some help or advise, then please don’t hesitate to contact us using the following contact details or complete our enquiry form.

Office Address

Tutehill Farm, Whillimoor, Pica, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 4QF

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