Sharon helped run Tutehill Boarding Kennels and Cattery with her parents Vince and Kath Fleming from 1992 until she bought the business from them in March 2002. She successfully owns and works in the kennels to this day.

It all started a very long time ago when Sharon had her very first German Shepherd puppy, she was called Elsa.

When Elsa was only 9 months old she had an accident and broke her leg.

The top of her leg broke away just underneath the shoulder bone and Elsa had to have an operation to save her leg. She had to have metal rods put in to attach her leg back together.

I am delighted to say that this was successfully done by Ian Hunter and John Dockray from Galemire Veterinary Hospital.

Her road to recovery however was a very long and slow process. She had to spend time in a kennel, away from the rest of Sharon’s other dogs and the family. She had endless amounts of stitches put into her wound as the rods kept cutting her skin when she moved her leg.

Four weeks after the operation Elsa had to have a second operation to remove a piece off each metal rod to help her skin heal. She could not be exercised for nearly 16 weeks and was stressed out and bored.

She had endless visits to the vets, medicine and wounds to treat.

Although Elsa endured all of this at a very young age she was an extremely happy dog and loved everyone.

With a lot of love and patience eventually Elsa recovered.

She had a good life with Sharon, Joe and the kids but her exercise was limited as she just became lame if she did too much then she would have to have her medicine increased and then she would have to rest up for a few days.

Life became a bit of a circle.

At the age of 7 years old we tragically lost Elsa to cancer on the 31st August 2004.

From that day on Sharon vowed that “one day” she would do Canine Hydrotherapy.

She understood that although it would have not increased Elsa’s life it would however have made her quality of life so much better.

Now all these years later, still with Elsa in her thoughts, her passion and drive and sheer determination she has opened up a brand new, purpose built Canine Hydrotherapy clinic in Memory of her beautiful girl Elsa.

Tutehill K9 Hydrotherapy

Sharon might not to be able to help Elsa but she will be able to offer a rehabilitation service to the dogs of our area, to help them on their road to recovery and improve their quality of life.

Sharon has been training for her ABC Awards Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy with K9HS Physio & Hydrotherapy with Barbara Houlding GradDipPhys,MScVetPhys, MCSP, FIRVAP

Sharon has also trained for some of her Practical Days with Maria Johnston AdvCertVPhys; MIRVAP; Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 3; APDT; CBWA

The Hydrotherapy pool Sharon has bought is above ground and purpose made. She has spent a lot of time and money adapting one of her buildings to include an Office, Therapy room and Pool Room.

She intends to use Therapeutic Handling Techniques and Clinical Enrichment Techniques throughout all of her Hydrotherapy sessions.

She has a positive approach for the wellbeing of the dogs who will not only come to use her Hydrotherapy pool but who come to stay in her kennels as well.

It’s about enriching the dog’s lives and giving them the freedom of choice to participate and make significant changes to their “Quality of Life”.